San Francisco Sally

I can smell how
Sewer breath permeates
Every alleyway
As I walk the lonely
Yet wide open
City, cajoled by
Everyone that I meet

Dirty filthy garbage
Everywhere the street
Crews are late again
Picking up this mess
People moving
Animated in
Their actions

Some sipping
Coffee standing
Waiting for the
Trolley to make
Its continuing
Daily rounds in
A never ending cycle

Slowly walking
On this warm
Summer morning
Five layers deep in
Clothing to keep
Warm. I smell the
Pastries as I go.

Looking at my
Leathery hands
Pushing the cart
My gut begins to
Grumble hoping
For some kindness
To quell the hunger

I stop to look in
The window
Noting the changes
To my face so
Dirty and unwashed
Clothes tattered
Hanging on me

Thankfully the
Window cannot
Smell the flavor
Of sweat in the air
The odor is
Unforgiving yet
Familiar to me

I find a corner nearby
In an alleyway
Off of Drumm St.
Time to build
My nest for the
Day.  A few moments
Of rest all I need

Then up again
Pushing my cart
My precious cart
Looking for some
Kindness to help
Quell the incessant
Hunger in my gut