This site is a collection of poems and prose written by Thomas Gluzinski, under the pen name skydyv for poetry and Paladin for other works. We offer this site as a placeholder for other selected authors who wish to have their work available on the internet. Simply submit your work for review and if it meets our standards for inclusion, we will publish it and you will retain copyright ownership of your work.

Artistry takes on many forms and poetry is no different. While many of the works reflect the art of the warrior, the works included here fall in many categories. You will find poetry which will; entice your thoughts, jar your memories, express within you deep emotion, expose the beauty and horrors of our existence, explore the erotic and sensual, examine history and culture, touch the ancient and the new and will hopefully whet your appetite for intellectual pleasure.

The site is set up in sections for ease of navigation to the type of works you would like to enjoy.

We will offer a retail section for you to purchase the books and other items that are offered, if you so desire.

We are offering a blog for comment and inclusion of your works

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