What are your standards for poetry submission?

Poems may be submitted that use any form and style of poetry. When submitting your work keep all poetry under 50 lines. Please identity the style in which you write and the heading to which it may apply. Our headings are Free form, Thought Provoking, War, Historical, Romantic, Nature, Erotic and Sensual and General Themes.

Can we submit artwork with our poetry?

Yes you may submit artwork with your poetry. It must be free of encumberance or license to use restrictions. Any items posted must be compliant with the GNU Public License (GPL ver. 3).

What is the GNU Public License?

Here is a link to the acutal license:  http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt

How do I
submit artwork for my poetry?

Please submit all poetry through the contact Us page. All images, artwork, photographs must be submitted to:poet.sitemaster@ygmail.com along with a copy of your work.

Is there a cost associated with posting to this site?

No fees are charged for posting to this site. If you would like us to "market" your products, books, monographs, etc. contact us for rates and contracting.

Can anyone view the posted poetry?

The simple answer is yes. However, all erotic and sensual poetry is restricted to those over 18 years of age and they must waive all rights for legal remedies of any kind to view the selected works in the erotic and sensual section.

What about Erotic and Sensual poetry/prose?

You may only submit erotic and sensual poetry through the contact us page. We will not post any artwork, photography, images of an erotic or sensual nature to accompany any poems submitted. The virtual visual effects of this work must be confined to your word selection to create mental images.